Dynamic Rules for Bot Management

Sick and tired of playing Whak-a-Mole with WAF rules? VerifiedVisitors is here to help you define the policies you want, and have our dynamic rules automatically manage each new threat type. Sounds too good to be true?

Here's how it works. Our machine learning detectors adapt to your traffic, your inputs and highlight your threat levels. For example, many webmasters have zero tolerance to automated traffic on account login and e-commerce pages such as your shopping cart and check-out, VerifiedVisitors spots the threats using our machine learning - and managed it on the the paths, domains or API endpoints you specify.

To create a dynamic rule, simply choose the domains and paths you want to protect from each threat type. Give it a name, select the mitigation type - today we support blocking or Captcha - and you're done! The dynamic rule is now in place. As the automated traffic trying to get to your site changes IP, user agent or any other characteristics, we track and trace the attack at the network edge and mitigate it - before it hits your servers. Problem solved!

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