Punish the bots, not your customers

Draconian one size fits all web policies seem to be on the increase everywhere.

Robot Warning

I'm seeing more and more of these messages across the Internet these days. When your only tool is a hammer, you start enforcing terrible policies for all users indiscriminately. IT often doesn't realise why this is such a fail.

Let's just examine the unintended consequences from this ham fisted approach.

Insulting the actual humanity of your potential visitors is insulting.

67% of people who have difficulty accessing a page just don't ever come back.

CAPTCHAs have an 8% Failure rate, and 29% for the hardest one that are e.g. Case Sensitive.

1.47% of users just abandon ANY page with Captcha

What should you do?

At VerifiedVisitors use cloud based detectors powered by Machine Learning to constantly assess these threats according to the actual behaviour before they visit your site. We examine the behaviour, looking at over 250 different factors to assess if the visitor is in fact human or not.

Verify Constantly, Trust Occasionally.

Photo by Spenser H on Unsplash

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