Total Visitor Management


“The VerifiedVisitors' Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine learns from website customer behaviour to predict and block potentially risky traffic, whilst identifying the visitors with the highest propensity to purchase. Verifying your visitors first allows e-commerce companies to optimise their sales funnels and increase ROI."

One of the key benefits provided by VerifiedVisitors is the ability to improve your customer ROI through our enhanced visitor management which highlights propensity to purchase.

Over 50% of the internet traffic is bot traffic. Some are bots you want - like search crawlers from Google and Bing - but the rest are, at best, unwanted whilst some can be actively malicious. Bots pretend to be “real’ visitors - distorting your web analytics and lead generation pipelines. Often companies end up paying lead generation bounty fees for these non-human 'leads', and probably most damaging of all, waste valuable time and resources across the sales cycle.

Validating Visitor Traffic at the Network Edge - before they get into the sales funnel

VerifiedVisitors is particularly valuable in lead generation applications which typically need a human customer service agent to validate or close the sale from the initial in-bound lead. Customer service is an expensive resource that is difficult to scale quickly, particularly outside of the usual pattern of working hours. Companies often employ dedicated resource to manually verify if the marketing qualified lead (MQL) is really human and legitimate, before it gets passed as a sales qualified lead (SQL) from the marketing team. This takes time and effort. Responding to each and every potential lead very quickly is probably the best single thing companies can do to increase conversion rates.

Visitor Management Benefits


The VerifiedVisitors AI platform uses an innovative approach that lets e-commerce companies benefit from our behavioural analysis of all of your visitor traffic to not only remove the bot and fake visitors, but predict Propensity to Convert on your website.

Our customers are using VerifiedVisitors to identity the most likely visitors to convert based upon customers’ behaviour. How does this work in practice?

Looking at a ‘typical’ e-commerce funnel with 100K visitors, VerifiedVisitors typically eliminates around 40% of the total visitor traffic as non-human at the network edge before it even gets to your website.

The next layer of validation detects and removes sophisticated bots that can pass Captcha etc.

Our machine learning behavioural engine then gets to work and looks at the overall visitors characteristics of the legitimate visitor engagements, and provides a Propensity to Convert score for each validated human visitor.

ROI VerifiedVisitors
Increasing ROI with VerifiedVisitors

Typically e-commerce sites are then left with typically the 15-20% of visitors that are mostly likely to purchase. This can greatly optimise and prioritise the sales engagement process. All this is done at the network edge, with no additional load or latency on the e-commerce servers.

Deploying advanced AI solutions "out of the box"


Most e-commerce companies now have a product centric, data-driven, customer acquisition funnel, that uses A/B revision to hone conversions. These comparisons allow the use of, often subtle, changes in UX, or experiments with offers and pricing to drive and optimise the customer journey with the goal of improving ROI. This split testing allows the data-driven approach to 'prove' customer conversion on a sample set, before its deployed to the whole population, thus mitigating risk. Despite this sophisticated process, bots can, and often do distort the data so badly that these “data driven’ decisions - taken in good faith - are simply wrong.

With VerifiedVisitors you can deploy our scalable, SaaS 'customer intent' data science solution to make the process of removing unwanted visitors and highlighting real, potentially high-value visitors very simple with no network latency.