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Total Visitor Management

Centralised Visitor Management and Security

“Managing portfolio's of websites each with its own config, allowlists, WAF rules and security policies is incredibly challenging. VerifiedVisitors is an AI platform that learns from your traffic and allows you to manage a portfolio of websites - all from one central console."

At VerifiedVisitors we know only too well how difficult it is to juggle multiple client builds all at the same time. We designed VerifiedVisitors to allow you to take control over the automated traffic policies you want to apply to the entire portfolio, and have them all managed centrally.

We've designed our "virtual CISO" suite of services to help provide smaller companies with a dedicated virtual "Chief Information Security Officer" all of their very own!

Without a set of security policies for all your websites, most content shops and agencies just try and configure a standard build, adapt for the client, troubleshoot any critical issues, and put in uptime checkers to warn of any downtime or performance issues. Overtime they are left with a whole range of legacy builds and platforms, and the problem becomes increasingly difficult as the portfolio grows in size.

Maintenance and support can be a real killer for smaller agencies.

The VerifiedVisitors Virtual CISO Service

VerifiedVisitors allows the small companies to fight back with our virtual CISO tools. We work at the network edge with either AWS CloudFront or Cloudflare directly.

Once you have your sites behind one of the Content Distribution Networks (CDN's) we can then go to work on your behalf. You can see below, in our central Command & Control centre, how you can immediately see each security threat on your domains, and how you can create rules to mitigate the threats automatically, all from the one screen.

Command & Control
The Death of Robots.txt


VerifiedVisitors takes a proactive approach to group security and admin. Our Virtual CISO scans all of your domains for potential threats. Once the scan is completed we present a view of all the critical paths and weak / access points across ALL of your portfolio of sites.

Once you decide on the top level policy, our AI platform goes to work to implement and enforce the policies that you have decide on. This is then adopted globally.

Of course, if you have one particular client with unique security or privacy needs, you can custom manage and tailor each website accordingly. However, for the vast majority, one set of robust security policies is all you need to protect the entire portfolio centrally.

Virtual CISO

You can run the virtual CISO on as many web sites as you like.

Deploying advanced AI solutions "out of the box"

What are the benefits?

Enforcing a robust set of standards for all automated traffic results in the following benefits for our customers:

  • Immediately see a 20-40% reduction in bandwidth / CPU as you eliminate the automated traffic.
  • Increase in uptime and system reliablity
  • Decrease in sudden spikes caused by automated traffic attacks causing additional server load and pushing elastic compute resources to be maximised.
  • No more writing static WAF rules for each web site.
  • Consolidated access control management for verified bots. Apply one for all.
  • Happier customers
  • Happier support staff
  • Less emergency downtime and hot fixes at anti-social hours.