Visa Bots - Stealing appointments

Visa Appointment Bots - infuriating bots that need to be stopped.

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Anyone who has had to go through a visa application process for long-term entry into another country will attest to the inherent stress of the process. 

Your passport is taken while the visa is processed, you don’t know the outcome, and inevitably the process is costly and is a the sole discretion of the issuing authority. 

Just to compound the misery, visa bots are now seeking to exploit this by hoovering up all the available visa appointments, and then charging you on an another site to obtain the appointment that they just stole from the official site.

Typically the visa authority will periodically release a batch of new appointments on the issuing website. The bots will check constantly for the release of the new appointments, and then issue a command to multiple bots to book all the available slots in seconds. The bots acting in concert just vacuum up all the available slots. since they are programmed they are far quicker than humans. Even if the human applicant gets lucky and logs in while the new appointments are loaded, they aren’t quick enough to pick and slot, fill in the registration details and complete the application. 

We’ve seen it happening in many countries throughout the world, from Italy, to India.

No-one it seems wants to fix the problem. It’s certainly a terrible visitor experience, and a dreadful own goal for the issuing authority. 

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