Detecting Stealth Headless Chrome Agents: Blocking Stealth Puppeteer

Detecting Headless Chrome Puppeteer Stealth Plugin using AI

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Puppeteer Stealth & Headless Chrome

Headless Chrome and plugins such as Puppeteer Stealth stand out for their ability to operate discreetly, mimicking human behavior for seamless automation. As such, it’s become the tool of choice for many legitimate developers looking to write test and other automated scripts at scale, but also sadly for hackers looking to develop potentially malicious bots.

At VerifiedVisitors, we recognize the gravity of this challenge and have developed a cutting-edge AI  platform to fortify your online defences from these types of stealth headless attacks.

Understanding the Threat Landscape from Stealth Puppeteer

Headless Chrome, a headless browsing feature of the Chrome browser, poses a serious threat to web security. Its ability to operate without a GUI interface makes it a preferred tool for malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities or engage in unauthorized activities

Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth: Adding Layers of Stealth

Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth further complicates the landscape by providing additional layers of stealth to Headless Chrome. Essentially Puppeteer Stealth hides the platform properties of Puppeteer which can be fairly easily detected by e.g. just looking for headless chrome. This plugin uses multiple evasion techniques to allow users to navigate websites undetected, making it a potent tool for scraping, automated testing, and unfortunately, for cybercriminal activities.The evasion techniques typically try to mimic normal values that you’d expect to see in a real browser.

The Need for Robust Detection Mechanisms

To counter these stealthy adversaries, robust detection mechanisms are essential.

VerifiedVisitors leverages advanced AI to identify and neutralize Headless Chrome and Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth, ensuring the integrity of your online environment.

Detecting Headless Chrome: Our Approach

VerifiedVisitors uses an advanced AI platform to examine all of the various threat detections it sees, and assess the risk from the actual behaviour of the potential traffic along with each of the various detections. This is the type of dynamic multivariate analysis that AI excels at solving. Legitimate users exhibit distinct patterns in their browsing behavior, and our system is adept at identifying deviations indicative of automated approaches using headless chrome. Each browser has a unique fingerprint, and we probe for plugins, canvas size, mouse movements, and all the telemetry we can to validate the user agent and browser, evaluate against its behaviour and assess the threat  Please visit the demo to learn more. 


Countering Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are the tactics employed by malicious actors. At VerifiedVisitors, we understand the importance of staying one step ahead. Regular updates and maintenance of our AI platform guarantee ongoing protection against emerging threats.

Threat Research is pivotal in countering the stealth capabilities of Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth. The evasion techniques of Puppetter Stealth are documented. We train our AI platform using headless chrome and other agents constantly so we can observe and analyze its behavior, unveiling hidden functionalities and ensuring our machine learning picks up the labels from the actual usage of the plugin at scale.


In the relentless battle against Headless Chrome and Puppeteer Extra Plugin Stealth, VerifiedVisitors stands as a stalwart defender of online integrity. Our state-of-the-art AI platform provides the multivariate analysis at scale you need to defeat these headless chrome stealth derivatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Puppeteer Stealth be customized to write bots?

Absolutely. Puppeteer Stealth's flexibility allows users to tailor its functionalities to meet specific automation needs, including writing bots

Can Puppeteer Stealth be used for malicious purposes?

While any tool can be misused, Puppeteer Stealth's primary purpose is to streamline digital tasks. Responsibility lies in the hands of the user.

How does Puppeteer Stealth impact website performance?

Puppeteer Stealth is designed to minimize its footprint, ensuring optimal website performance even during automated tasks. However, using it to script bots may well result in increased server traffic which won't be detectable using old-school technology such as browser fingerpinting or WAFs

What makes Puppeteer Stealth unique?

Puppeteer Stealth stands out for its ability to operate discreetly, mimicking human behavior for seamless automation.

Are there any ethical considerations when using Puppeteer Stealth?

Ethics are paramount. Users must adhere to ethical guidelines, respecting privacy and legal boundaries while employing Puppeteer Stealth. At the very least using automated scripts will be in violation of the web site usage terms & conditions.

Is Puppeteer Stealth legal?

The software is legal, but like all technology it’s agnostic. When used responsibly and within legal boundaries, Puppeteer Stealth is a powerful ally for testing and writing automated scripts.