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Scraping tools and scraping packages have evolved to make life easier for data scraping. There are a wide-range of available scraping tools available depending on your language preference and skill level, all the way from point and click SaaS type packages such as Brightdata, to python libraries, puppeteer for node JS, and OpenBullet for the .net crowd. It’s important to note that some of these platforms have been built to avoid detection, and if the scraper is using a custom script they can easily take out any easily identifiable signature data from the platform. For example, Brightdata uses a very large database of millions of domestic IP and actively seeks to avoid detection. VerifiedVisitors recommends blocking any known scraping tools and services, as well as using our automated detectors to prevent scrapers, and those services trying to hide their platform origins.


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Geedo is a program used to scan webpages and in particular online stores to find products for the user who is searching. When a user searched it returns a list of matching items across a range of online retailers.