Virtual CISO

Smaller companies don't have the benefit of a dedicated Chief Information Security (CISO) officer. Larger companies that do have a dedicated security resource, struggle to keep good resource, as the Cybersecurity skills gaps continues to widen.

Enter the Virtual CISO

At VerifiedVisitors, we're constantly looking at ways of not only identifying risk but working to dynamically mitigate that risk automatically in an open and demonstrable way.

We've designed our virtual CISO to give smaller companies some of the same advantages of having a dedicated resource, continually assessing and ensuring your security settings are optimised. The Virtual CISO effectively provides you with a checklist of the most urgent things needed to improve security for automated visitors.

You can use our virtual CISO tools to monitor all your endpoints from one console. It acts at the central checklist and detection for vulnerabilities, config and settings issues, constantly as the threat change.

Virtual CISO

Verify Constantly, Trust Occasionally.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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