November 4, 2022

Verifiedvisitors launches in AWS marketplace

VerifiedVisitors is now available in AWS Marketplaces!

Please find the link here: VerifiedVisitors on AWS Marketplace
VerifiedVisitors uses intelligent AWS Lambdas at the network edge all seamlessly integrated into a native CloudFront application. If your CloudFront web site is struggling with credit card gateway attacks, API attacks, account takeover, or just general crawlers and content theft we can help you. VerifiedVisitors learns from your traffic and stops the bots before they can cause problems on your website. VerifiedVisitors performs thousands of security checks, using our machine learning, on all your visitor traffic. We ensure that any bots you have not authorized are blocked and help identify the potentially malicious bots at the network edge, before they hit your website.

Accessibility bots are bots that specifically check compliance for best accessibility practice. This involves basic checks for dynamic font size and legibility, suitable alt.text for images, keyboard navigation alternatives, support for assistive technology, and ensuring that e.g. CAPTCHA isn’t just constrained to visual and has some multi-media choices. Some bots specifically check against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - which is a list of criteria your website or mobile application may need to meet in order to be legally compliant in your country. Although most responsible webmasters at larger companies will always do their best to ensure maximum accessibility, many smaller sites aren’t aware of the issues, and / or don’t have the resources. However, there are many online accessibility checking scanners, that can automate reporting on the compliance process. There are also advocacy services that specifically target non-compliant sites. The bots will collect proof of non-compliance. 

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