July 29, 2023

VerifiedVisitors joins LORCA Cohort 5

VerifiedVisitors has been selected to join LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement) Cohort 5, VerifiedVisitors is one of only seventeen companies globally to be accepted into this Cohort.

The rigorous application process meant lots of sleepless night for our team as we prepared and went through the process. We are all proud of this achievement and honoured to be part of this prestigious cybersecurity accelerator program.

LORCA arrived that their decision after consulting with industry, government and security leaders, so we know we've been put through the mill.

In LORCAs own words: "Our fifth cohort comes from across the UK (and the world) and have a diverse range of bleeding-edge solutions and technologies that address some of our most pressing security challenges."

If you are unaware of this program, LORCA is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. It’s delivered by Plexal, an innovation centre and coworking space, with support from Deloitte and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies.

They also engage with a cross-spectrum of industry leaders through Needs Accelerators for specific sectors as well as being backed by a number of official corporate partners that want to tap into this innovation community and shape the solutions coming to market. They include Lloyds Banking Group, Dell Technologies, Kudelski Security, Kx and the Global Cyber Alliance.

We could not be prouder of this significant milestone in our journey, and for the validation it provides to us.

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