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October 27, 2020

How in-line Bot Detection Services can be part of the problem.

Our customers are often very surprised when we tell them that we don't sit inline and don't require JavaScript loaded onto every page. They can't understand how we can provide protection without sitting in-line. Our architecture allows us to work at the WAF layer - within your existing WAF/CDN so that we can pipe our network intelligence where you need it - at the edge of the network, to prevent the bots from hitting your website in the first place.

This just isn't the normal way of doing this, and typically out customers are not aware of this approach.

Traditionallly bot detection services typically sit in-line between your customers and the web service. They operate just like an anti-virus package which monitors each and every interactions between the applications layer and the operating system for rogue activity. Instead of monitoring the applications, they monitor incoming web traffic, typically using JavaScript fingerprinting to monitor each HTTP request.

Just like the anti-virus software, this can cause frustrating delays and system slow down for your visitors and even system crashes. This has been the essential trade off - between the benefits of additional protection and security, versus a slow-down on overall system response times.

The problem with this approach is twofold; firstly that the bot detection software adds another security failure point and second, it can slow the customer web site speed down, as the bot detection performs the fingerprinting verification.

VerifiedVisitors has been designed to avoid these pitfalls, it doesn't sit in-line, and doesn't require dedicated hardware or JavaScript installed on every website page. Instead VerifiedVisitors does all the processing outside of the customer's web-estate, using our cloud infrastructure. This means it adds no additional failure point to your web estate, or cause your website response times to slow down.

For applications where security and overall system integrity is paramount, or where no latency is possible for example for e-commerce applications, VerifiedVisitors performs at scale, to manage your bot activity without the additional security risks.

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